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  • More security in Educative Network

    We have added Fortinet’s security at Educative Network, from Innovacio Local, inside Barcelona’s Metropolitan Area.
    Innovacio Local's Educative Network is a technological infrastructure that supplies Internet access and perimetral security to several schools and educative centers. The main advantage of the Educative Network is that its improvements and development gives knowledge to every educative community, focusing on security as one of the main concern.
    Inside Educative Network, each community has to its disposal a content manager and a monitoring system for its security policy, integrated in the center’s educative policy and configurable according personalized criteria. Comsa98 Security department has added their systems, based on Fortinet equipments, taking to another level of sophistication and simplicity management and data mining of the impressive volume of information generated by a single institution, allowing to search any kind of access or information in a really intuitive way.
  • City Council Montcada i Reixac

    ASINTEL's project management. Collaboration with STAM to carry out installation and commissioning of various WiMax points within the population of Montcada i Reixac, and connection to the corporate network of the City Council, in different venues utility of the population, and the Broadcasting Center. Collaboration with Innovalocal for symmetrical 20Mbps Internet service, from the Montcada Broadcasting Center, with its own infrastructure.
  • Radio links ABERTIS TELECOM

    ASINTEL's Project Management. For our customer ABERTIS TELECOM, and with the collaboration of STAM, we made stakeout, supply, installation, disassembly, registers 24h, commissioning and acceptance of different sizes and types of radio links: NEC, Alcatel, Ericsson and others to provide different services to custormers such as: Ono, BT, Alpi-Orange, Colt, Vodafone...
  • Primavera Sound 2012

    For several years, Innovalocal (Project Management), together with STAM and ASINTEL, we collaborate to provide global communication services and Internet Data in the music festival of San Miguel Primavera Sound, which is held every year in the months of May-June in Barcelona. This year we took care to cover the entire area of the Forum (BCN) radio technology, prioritizing the services of operators with audio and video channels so they can maintain the quality of its HD streams to the Internet. At the same time, thanks to the use of new technologies developed for Innovalocal, we have improved external links to provide a minimum flow rate of 80Mb against Internet. Brand new this year, was to incorporate a new fiber connection with a secondary operator provided us redundancy in the leads.