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ASINTEL was created in 1988 as a telecommunications consultant and engineering, to provide these services to FECSA - Endesa and Gas Natural. Since 2011 is part of ATIC GRUP.

Currently located in Sant Cugat del Valles in an establishment of 180m2, which has offices, warehouse, workshop and laboratory, it also has an office in Hospitalet de l'Infant (Tarragona).

It has a fleet of vehicles, 4x4 and vans. Owns the software and electronic equipment and measuring equipment needed to perform any tasks entrusted guaranteed.

The company focuses on the telecommunications sector in both cable systems (optical and electrical) and wireless (PMR, DMR, TETRA, WiFi, Wimax, radio-links ...), giving an overall service communications. Currently, and in general, the following tasks are performed:

* Consultancy, engineering, designing of infrastructure and communications systems.

* Supplies of equipment, installations and commissioning of communication systems.

* Global turnkey projects, from the initial consultation, through project management to delivery of the documented and completed project .

* Hedges, field measurements, viabilities and communications systems audits.

* Maintenance 24x7 different computers, communication systems (cable or radio), and infrastructure.

* Official Telecommunications Operator (CMT), which provides data services, Internet and mobile communications.

* Multimedia and Graphic Design Projects.

We work and worked directly for large operators such as: Abertis Telecom, AXION, BT or ALPI (Orange), and for large customers like Ascó I and II, and Vandellós II.

For nuclear stations we perform the function of telecommunications engineering, ICT services and we make supplies, installations and commissioning of different communication systems. Currently we have different maintenance contracts of different systems such as radio (licensed radio links, WiFi, WiMAX, TETRA, PMR ...), SCADA and Remote (Remote Motorola: nutmeg and ACE, Omron PLC, Beckhoff Embedded PC), and CCTV.

We also work to distributors / partners who need our services, and for other customers.

ASINTEL is official distributor of several brands and telecommunications equipment, but no exclusively, because since its establishment, the company has always wanted to give the best solution for each customer according to their needs and potential savings.