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Innovació Local started working the year 2001 as a result of the union of different professionals related to the new technologies and the telecommunications.

The company's main goal was, from the beginning, the creation of our own telecommunications infraestructure to offer operator services to residential customers, companies and to the civil service, becoming pioneers in distributing wireless signal in rural areas with no telephone range.

The company's logical evolution on the telecommunications field has led us to grow technologically in order to offer a long experience in designing, management and operation of big technological infraestructures, especializing in data and voice nets for civil service and business environments. This fact has contributed to our investment both in infraestructure spreading and in our Datacenter, with our own racks and servers "on the cloud" to meet the Housing and Hosting needs of our customers.             

Our display capacity on the territory moves us to do a constant effort to maintain our physical infraestructures, actively collaborating with local personnel (with technological training and constant support) that allow us to keep a very active collaborators net, sensitive to any need in the territory.

"Turnkey" projects are also a part of our work. Enginiering and inside wireless net's infraestructure implementation for industrial customers or office environments are one of our best achievements, with the display of hundreds of sending equipments integrated in the perimetral security of the corporation net and managed from a single console. For a single head office or to manage branches too.

But not all must be rigid infraestructures and long term projects.

In Innovació Local we feel very proud of having especialized in the technological and telecommunications management of big events, in which promotors have punctual needs and they trust in us for the enginiering and development of their temporal technological infreaestructures.